White Boot Brigade

As New Orleans restaurant chef Frank Brigtsen has exclaimed, “God must really love us. Not only does He give us one shrimp season per year, but two!” And yet, Louisiana commercial fishing families continue to fight like hell to preserve their traditional livelihoods. Uncertainty reigns supreme. In 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita decimated the coast's commercial fishing infrastructure. In 2010, the British Petroleum oil rig explosion and endless spew of oil adds only more uncertainty to an already fragile scenario. Pledged to the triple bottom line of nurturing entrepreneurial innovation, rewarding ecological stewardship, and addressing cultural preservation, the White Boot Brigade is a roaming shrimpers market that matches commercial fishers with new markets — locally, regionally, and globally.

In 2006, the White Boot Brigade began a partnership with worldwide shipping leader FedEx. It allows fishers to box up their fresh caught seafood while at the dock, bring it to a nearby FedEx pickup, and be confident that their catch will arrive at its destination within 24 hours. FedEx also provides technical assistance to the WBB fishers in marketing and online sales as it monitors the cold chain of delivery -- even going so far as to send their New Orleans marketing staff on the 2007 White Boot Brigade San Francisco events to watch and learn!