Go Fish on film

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The promise of the Go Fish on Film initiative is to provide technical assistance to commercial fishers affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita who are interested in seizing the moment of crisis to not only rebuild their businesses and lives but to retool them and share them with their neighbors. Go Fish on Film will create digital teaching tools that share technology, business and ecological innovation by enlisting the skills and services of a film maker, fishermen, and an information technology specialist to film innovation, interview those who will transfer their skills to the community of fishers who are searching for alternatives, and publish a series of short films online.

The making of Go Fish on Film

We accepted entries for Gulf Coast fishing families to share their expertise about sustainable fishing or innovative marketing techniques with the world. Go Fish on Film is a Kellogg Foundation supported project designed to showcase the techniques used by the leaders among the hard-hit fishing community. Selected fishers were paid as actors and writers to participate in the production of short films that are uploaded on web-based video channels and offered via DVD.

Fishers submitted a short series of paragraphs about their idea and staff rated each idea on a point system, passing those ideas with the highest point rating. Points were given to those fishers who already participated in direct marketing (farmers markets or website sales), for sharing accredited sustainable fishing methods (new or improved methods to reduce wear and tear on ecosystems), and for the willingness to explain traditional methods.

Those fishers were paid as actors and writers, with filmmaker David Aman filming and producing the spots. Notes Richard McCarthy, executive director of marketumbrella.org, “ No one tells their stories better than the fishers themselves.”