Crescent City Farmers Market

Tuesday Market: Uptown New Orleans | 9am to 1pm | 200 Broadway Street at the River

Wednesday Market: French Quarter New Orleans | 2pm to 6pm | 1235 N. Peters St. in the French Market

Thursday Market Mid-City New Orleans | 3pm to 7pm | 3700 Orleans Avenue at the Bayou

Saturday Market Downtown New Orleans | 8 am to 12 pm | 700 Magazine Street at Girod Street

We believe that public markets serve the public good. Four times a week, rain or shine, we put that belief into practice at the Crescent City Farmers Market.

Good food

Local food tastes better. The tomatoes in your supermarket were cultivated to survive a cross-country trip and still look pretty. Tony Accardo grows Creole tomatoes for our market because they taste great.

Local food is better for you. Vegetables quickly lose their nutrients. Many of our farmers, such as Christine Monica, pick their produce just hours before the market opens.

Local food protects the environment. Our strawberries aren’t flown in from Chile. They’re grown on the other side of lake Pontchartrain. The cows that produce Smith Creamery’s milk and butter never receive hormones. And each local farm preserves another open space where birds and wildlife live.

At the Crescent City Farmers Market, we make sure everyone, from kids to seniors, has access to local food with our projects like Market Match, Farmers Market Prescription Program, Marketeers Club, Meet Me at the Market school field trips and Farmers Market Bingo. We also solved the problem of how to accept Electronic Benefit Transfer food stamps at the market.

Good business

New Orleans profits from our market. Our Saturday market brings customers to a downtown neighborhood that otherwise would be empty on the weekends. Some nearby businesses get 70% more traffic from the market. And after the last market shopper leaves, more than 80% of our vendors go shopping themselves in New Orleans.

The vendors profit from our market. In 1999, Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business reported that on average our vendors make $20,332 a year at the Crescent City Farmers Market. That money helps improve the lives of rural Southern farmers, one of the poorest groups in the United States.

The region profits from our market. Three-quarters of our vendors live outside the New Orleans metropolitan area. Each week, they go home to places like St. Tammany Parish, Plaquemines Parish, or Hancock County, MS, and spend their market earnings on food, clothes, or new equipment for their businesses.

Good people

The Crescent City Farmers Market is about more than economic transactions. Every time two people meet, a social transaction occurs. These relationships create the social capital that every market needs to succeed.

Our market brings neighbors together. Friends stop and talk. Plans big and small are made—from meeting for coffee to starting a new business. Since Katrina, our shoppers say the Crescent City Farmers Market has become an even more crucial connection to their community.

Our market brings farmers and fishers together. A blueberry grower from Mandeville meets a jelly maker from Metairie. They share information on farming and marketing. They may even find a way to collaborate.

Our market brings the city and the country together. A farmer from rural Mississippi meets his urban customers and learns firsthand what they want to buy. New Orleans shoppers get to know the family that catches their catfish. And with each social transaction, the city and the country realize how much they need each other.